2018 promises a new era in women’s wrestling with the arrival of The Beast

The World Championship Title is the target for “the next big thing” in wrestling.

The Beast. Her name says it all, but for those who have yet to meet this WOW - Women Of Wrestling superhero, you’re in for a treat.

“There are few athletes who have ever transcended the sports entertainment world of professional wrestling. You can count them on two hands: from Dick The Bruiser to Hulk Hogan to The Rock to Andre the Giant to Stone Cold Steve Austin to today’s John Cena, and the world's most famous female wrestler Chyna. All of these names are known outside of professional wrestling on a global scale. 2018 promises to add the newest name to this select group, The Beast” said David McLane, WOW’s promoter. 

Make no mistake about it, The Beast will soon become a household name.

Path to the Belt

No matter how fearsome a competitor is, she can’t simply step into the ring and become the champion -- she has to earn that right. 

After her powerful entrance at the Thanksgiving WrestleCade spectacular, wrestling fans are waiting with great anticipation to see The Beast wrestle her way up the ranks to a title match.  “The Beast clearly made her mark on wrestling this weekend,” noted WrestleCade promoter Tracy Myers. “No one has ever seen anything like her before.” 

But to become the champion, The Beast must first work her way up the ranks. She’ll have to face The Beverly Hills Babe, Khloe Hurtz, The Governor's Daughter Abilene Maverick, and of course, Jungle Grrrl. Notably, Jungle Grrrl has never been pinned, and The Beast will need to make that happen to get to the top. Once those wins are under her belt, she’ll face Santana Garrett for a shot at the WOW - Women Of Wrestling’s championship belt. 

Beware, The Beast is Here

WOW superhero Selina Majors, aka Bambi, said it best: 

“There are a lot of names that come to mind when you say “women’s wrestling.” If you’re a traditional wrestling fan, you may say the iconic Fabulous Moolah, who reigned champion for over 56 years. But was she really that fabulous? Moreso, women wrestlers came and went with grace. But besides Chyna, who became a household name for the world outside of wrestling fans? Well today, making her mark as the future and soon-to-be present household name, this superhero of the squared circle is none other than WOW’s own The Beast.”

Fans, let it be known and beware, The Beast is here.

What’s Next for The Beast

On her quest to become the WOW - Women Of Wrestling World Champion, The Beast is ready for the steep climb ahead. She knows she will have to pin Jungle Grrrl in an official match, which could prove tricky because Jungle Grrrl has never, ever been pinned. Before The Beast can take the step to wrestle the current World Champion Santana Garrett, and that’s a highly anticipated step for fans worldwide,