L.A. Comic Con and Women of Wrestling team up for matches to be aired on AXS TV

Los Angeles Comic Con is joining forces with Women of Wrestling owner Jeanie Buss and founder David McLane to present back-to-back nights of female wrestling in downtown Los Angeles this fall.
“Everything pop-culture has a home at L.A. Comic Con,” the organization’s chief executive, Chris DeMoulin, said in a news release Wednesday, “and we’re co-sponsoring this event because we know our fans will love to see the real-life WOW Superheroes heroines and villains in action live.”
The events are scheduled for Oct. 10-11 at the Belasco Theater, with AXS TV filming the matches for broadcast on its network in 2019.
“These two nights of WOW entertainment will be a landmark for women’s wrestling,” Buss said in the same news release. “We have been listening to the fans of wrestling for several years, and we know they will love the live experience and be even more thrilled with the television presentation on AXS TV.”
Women’s wrestling has been on fire in recent years, thanks in part to the success of Netflix’s Emmy-nominated series “GLOW.” The critically acclaimed comedy is inspired by the low-budget 1980s TV series “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling,” which was founded in 1986 by none other than McLane.
Tickets for October’s wrestling matches are on sale at Ticketmaster. More information about the events can be found at WOWE.com.