The burgeoning tag team scene of WOW – Women Of Wrestling hung from the vine, ripe for the taking. Multiple teams filled with numerous contenders presented themselves and declared their intent to win the vacant WOW World Tag Team Championship.

The field began with a wide variety of challengers from all backgrounds and all walks-of-life. The announcement of a series of matches to determine the newest team to wear the crown brought forth many new partnerships and rekindled some relationships that had seemingly ended. Last season saw the formation of teams such as The Psycho Sisters and the strange pairing of Holidead and Siren the Voodoo Doll. One of WOW’s most beloved tag teams, The Bully Busters, reformed as Keta Rush and Stephy Slays realized they still had one mission left to accomplish as a tandem. Lana Star made a drastic shift by dismissing her long-time protege, The Beverly Hills Babe, and selecting the bright newcomer, The Lioness, as the person with whom she would chase the Tag Team Championship. Former challenger for the World Championship of WOW, Havok, brought in the person closest to her in the form of a mysterious competitor named: Hazard.

The team with the least amount of experience and chemistry, however, emerged as an early favorite. Fire had become a household name for home audiences of WOW, but Adrenaline stood poised to make her debut and stake her own claim to being a WOW Superhero. Their paths crossed in the locker room of WOW, and the two became fast friends. The two quickly connected due to their common bond of taking the road less traveled. Adrenaline and Fire demonstrated that although their friendship was fresh, they would not let the other one fight against the odds alone. These fast friends entered into the WOW Tag Team Championship series, but it appeared the odds were not in their favor. The deck was stacked against these two from the moment they walked up to the table.

The WOW Tag Team Championship series featured a plethora of unique moments and unforgettable turns of events. The series featured the first time fans witnessed two fan-favorites, Chantilly Chella and Sassy Massy, team together. Jessie Jones took the Beverly Hills Babe and re-introduced us to Amber O’Neal as Grits n’ Glam made their presence known throughout the series. Plus, The Monsters of Madness—Havok and Hazard--proved utter dominance over any and all opponents. No team kept surprising viewers quite like Adrenaline and Fire, however. Adrenaline and Fire continuously found ways to win and continue on to the tournament. They proved to be the true Cinderella story of this championship series.

The culmination of the series featured a battle of Davids and Goliaths as The Monsters of Madness advanced to the finals along with Adrenaline and Fire. The Monsters of Madness toyed with their smaller opponents by tossing them around the ring and pounding them into oblivion. When the bell rang and the dust settled, however, Adrenaline and Fire emerged victorious as they joined Caged Heat and The All American Girls as the latest team to hold the prestigious silver belts of the WOW World Tag Team Championship.

Unfortunately, their moment of celebration gave way to shock and concern as two unknown assailants attacked and assaulted the new champions. Exodus and Genesis, two dropouts of WOW’s training center, dropped Adrenaline and Fire after a hard-fought contest and left them unconscious on WOW’s purple mat. Then, veteran wrestlers, Malia Hosaka, took the microphone to explain that she and her charges will no longer be exiled from the professional wrestling business. They claimed they will aim to take what they desire.

The bittersweet ending to the WOW World Tag Team Championship Series serves as the perfect message to Adrenaline and Fire. While the thrill of victory can be intoxicating, it is unwise to dwell in it, because now a large target rests on the backs of the newly crowned World Tag Team Champions of WOW. 

Fire wins tag team belt

Adrenaline wins belt.