Over 5,000 Tickets Sold To Wow’s East Coast Debut At Wrestlecade

Beverly Hills Babe’s disqualification sets the stage for Jungle Grrrl to wrestle WOW World Champion Santana Garrett

The WOW - Women Of Wrestling arrived on the East  Coast for the first time during Thanksgiving weekend’s WrestleCade extravaganza. A host of Superheroes attended the three day event, including Stepy Slays, The Dagger, The Temptress, Samantha Smart, Selina Majors, and WOW reporter Gabby Loren. But it was the Superheroes’ match between Jungle Grrrl and The Beverly Hills Babe (formally Amber O’Neal). The match included Babe’s manager, The Fabulous Lana Star,  at ringside. It also featured the surprise ring entry of The Beast, which brought the capacity crowd to its feet.

It was only fitting that the Southern home of wrestling, North Carolina, got to witness firsthand why WOW is about to take over the world of wrestling. Following the event, legendary wrestling manager and commentator Jim Cornette said he thinks WOW is the best thing in women's wrestling today. Jerry “The King” Lawler echoed a similar sentiment. 

For this event, fans were treated to the long awaited match between Jungle Grrrl and The Beverly Hills Babe, but there’s more to the story than that. 

Jungle Grrrl Comes Back From Back-Breaking Injury

Until now, it’s been kept a secret that Jungle Grrrl has been recovering from a steel pipe clubbing which literally took her out of action for the past six months. But you’d never know it from how fiercely she took on her opponent The Beverly Hills Babe. Unfortunately, fate wasn’t on her side when she ended up in the ring against not only BHB, but also her manager Lana Star… and that’s when complete chaos ensued, with mirrors broken over heads, and a referee rushed into the ring from backstage after the assigned official was knocked out. Jungle Grrrl delivered power bombs and her famous Splash in front of a rabid crowd that shouted in unison, “Jungle Grrrl, Jungle Grrrl.”  Before any semblance of order could be had, charging out from the back, entering the ring in a full gallop was WOW’s newest Superhero, The Beast.

The Main Event

When The Beast made her surprise entrance and power bombed Lana Star, lifted and slammed The Beverly Hills Babe and choke-slammed Jungle Grrrl, the crowd stood in stunned silence, taking in the enormity and size of this woman who is sure to change the course of women’s wrestling. Indeed, The Beast made her mark in North Carolina.  But the strength of WOW’s original animal was also on full display to the Winston-Salem crowd when Jungle Grrrl stood (after being flattened to the mat) and faced off nose-to-nose with The Beast before event officials pulled the two apart. It was a main event like no other. And clearly sets the stage for an exciting 2018.