The Vanguard of Violence

Growing up half-starved on the mean streets of Los Angeles, Razor spent her childhood proving to everyone around her that there’s one rule in these dark alleyways: “Don’t &*^% with Razor.” Due to her small size, Razor seemed like an easy target for the scum around her, so she fought twice as hard, using her rage and anger to fuel her street fighting skills. As an adult, she is cold and unfeeling as a dirty back alley knife.

Eventually, Razor decided she needed someone to watch her back. She recruited the maniacal Fury to join her new gang: The Psycho Sisters. The Psycho Sisters quickly gained a reputation for being the most vicious girl gang on the block, causing destruction and mayhem wherever they traveled.These mavens of madness have ruled with an iron fist in whichever ring they’ve stepped into. Setting their sights on WOW, what chaos will these unhinged women unleash?


The Mean Streets of Los Angeles

Fighting Style:

Razor is a heavy-handed brawler.

Signature Moves:

Adios Chica, LA Water, Mutt Lock


Watching people suffer, Expensive food


Authority figures, dogs


“Come dance on the razor’s edge!”

Surprise Facts:

Razor is a published author.

Friends and Foes: