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She was born the daughter of a professional wrestler. This sport is in her blood. Santana Garrett was destined for greatness the moment she entered this world. She watched her father toil away for years on the independent wrestling circuit in the South. He went from town-to-town, show-to-show trying to make a living. Was it always easy? Not always. He had a passion for it, though, a passion that would never, ever cease. Her father’s passion continues to live in her. Wrestling is now her passion!

From the minute Santana Garrett learned to move, her father instilled in his daughter an unbridled work-ethic, the will to succeed, and that very same passion that kept him going on those seemingly endless nights fighting for greatness inside that ring. Santana Garrett is a second-generation wrestling mega-star with the world in-front of her, and at only 24 years old, she is poised to take the world in the palm of her hand and conquer it.

Santana, like her father, worked at honing her craft. Throughout the state of Florida, the fans know her as their home-grown hero. She represents the same code the citizens of the Sunshine State live by each and every day. She has trained day-after-day to make herself better, to improve her in-ring ability. She has poured every ounce of sweat into her career. She has broken bones. She has suffered heartache and sacrificed it all so that she may one day stand under the pale spotlight and call herself a champion.

WOW - Women of Wrestling has presented Santana Garrett, the young-but-experienced star of the ring, with the opportunity she has so desperately fought for in the last few years. Santana Garrett has put in the effort. She has put in the hard work. She has taken calculated risks, and the path she has blazed has landed her here. For Santana Garrett, this is her time. This is her moment. There are people that anticipate a moment like this for eternity. For some, it never appears. For Santana Garrett, it is in her grasp. It is within her reach. It is within her fingertips. Can she seize it? What will she make of her moment?


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