Episode 7

A Matter Of Respect

Selina Majors calls on Jesse Jones to beat some respect into Riot's band of thugs, Spike and Razor. Will they succeed?

Director's Insight

"Our production team's first exposure to all the WOW personal was at the Friday Night Fight events in Long Beach. The events were held in an aging hotel and provided new talent an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of a live crowd while at the same time provide fans an opportunity to see the action up close for a really reasonable price. Heck the beers were only $1.00 at these events ... how cool is that? But, back to my observation. Selina Majors is a WOW Superhero but she is also the trainer for the majority of the wrestlers. Overtime I saw that like a coach and player relationship, sometimes there was friction. And when it came to a few of the wrestlers, especially a couple of the independent wrestlers, one could sense there was no respect shown Selina at all. And we all saw there was no respect shown to Santana Garrett. Those facts led to this episode featuring Southern Pride, Jesse Jones and Selina Majors wrestling for respect. And I'm pretty sure Selina earns her respect. But as you will see in the video footage we filmed by total luck ... our camera person recorded what was believed to be a private conversation between Jesse Jones and Selina Majors. We were all shocked at what we captured. This video clip is one of the most raw moments in film, one of those events you can't plan, a real moment of reflection and possibly the end of a journey."