Episode 1

A Date With Destiny

The All Natural, Khloe Hurtz wins FNF Series for shot to battle WOW World Champion, Jungle Grrrl at the Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

Director’s Insights

"No one had a clue that the big surprise that was promised by Khloe Hurtz was going to be the Ring Rats. About 1 hour before the show was to start, I recall seeing these guys coming down the Belasco stairs and wondering if they were all boyfriends of the Superheroes or a group of male model groupies. When I saw Khloe Hurtz greet them all ... I still didn't know what the surprise was going to be ... I mean the guys were all clothed at this point. Secondly, the TV 'run sheet' never listed the guys. So when I saw them walk out with Khloe for her introduction to the ring, I knew then WOW wasn't simply a wrestling event ... this was show business!"