Episode 9

Depths of Desire

The surprise alliance between Lana Star and Sophia Lopez has granted The Beverly Hills Babe a match against Jungle Grrrl. But, someone else wants a shot at the title.

Director's Insight

I was told to come down to Seal Beach, California for an early morning video shoot on the beach. I knew it was to shoot Jungle Grrrl. I asked how early, and was told before the sun comes up. Well, I was on the beach at 4:30 AM and the clouds were so so heavy that there was hardly any light. But as I looked out to the ocean from my parking spot, I could see a shadow in the darkness running ... it was Jungle Grrrl. And as I watched her working out, David McLane's reference to Jungle Grrrl hit me. You see, David always calls the talent by their character names, but with Jungle Grrrl he shifts from calling her Jungle to calling her "The Animal". Clearly, it's a term of endearment, because she likes it. So there on the beach where it was cold and windy, I witnessed what makes a superior athlete. I saw first hand the work out and endurance levels that cause David to reference Jungle Grrrl as "The Animal." It was an amazing morning.