Episode 6

Friends or Foes?

Keta Rush pulled from WOW live event ...until friend and tag team partner Stephy Slays volunteers to wrestle her. It’s a surprise challenge and shocking ending that leaves fans asking, are they friends or foes?

Director's Notes

"For all intended purposes, this was my first live wrestling event (I can't count the one's my Dad would take me to as a kid). And of course there were a lot of happenings going on I will always remember. But there is no doubt this match, between Keta Rush and Stephy Slays will be one match I will always remember. I'd been around Keta and Stephy for several months and witnessed their interaction. There is no doubt they were/are good friends. But just like in grad school, high school and I'm sure the Professional sports, friendship can fall out when competition is injected. When we learned of this matchup it was a surprise because it was just days before the live event. I was told Keta's scheduled opponent was pulled from the event and Keta was going to actually sit the live event out ...that was until Stephy agreed to wrestle her. I thought this was going to be weird, seeing two friends wrestle. Well, without a doubt, Keta and Stephy made me a believer that wrestling is as much a competition as it is showmanship. This match stunned us all in how competitive it was ... these two wanted to win and the crowd could sense it and our production team could feel it. The ending ... well, it's just bizarre. You just got to watch it all ... it's just super. The match turned me and other production team members into real fans. All I can add is, again, just watch it."