Episode 8

Hang Me Out to Dry!

They say revenge is a dish that is best served cold. But after the unexpected cold dunk in Abilene Maverick's pool, Khloe Hurtz is ready to bring the heat into the WOW ring!

Director's Insight

"The Governer's Daughter" Abilene Maverick and "The All Natural" Khloe Hurtz both travel in style to the WOW matches. They both use a limosine company. So the crew took note that these two Superheroes have that something 'extra' that makes them both stand out. This episode of WOW showcases their true personalities and how the slightest miss understanding can blow up. After filming, Khloe relized her wrestling outfit was left behind at the venue to be dry cleaned and she indeed had to take an Uber home soaking wet. She wasn't happy about it at all.