Episode 5

Rise From The Dead

Sophia Lopez gets The Dagger off on all legal charges and sets her first match in WOW against the unorthodox court jester from the darkside, Holidead.

Director's Notes

"When a match ends, we set the cameras for the next match. But after match, one of our camera person told me The Dagger was really really upset and asked permission to follow her into the locker room. What we witnessed on camera was possibly a melt down, or simply the rage that comes from trying to live under a microscope and always trying to do the right thing. The Dagger made it clear she wasn't going to play by the rules again. It was wild, with slamming chairs and all. After it was over, my camera person asked to be on the next live event shoot because he wanted to see The Dagger go at it. No doubt the pressure got to her and we  all want to see her in action at the next big live event. The Dagger is intense."