Episode 4

State Of Emergency

Lana Star introduces WOW to her new protege The Beverly Hills Babe, and announces the return of Riot. Lana wants the championship belt back and her master plan includes eliminating the WOW number one contender Santana Garrett. EMT's are called to ringside and an Ambulance is needed for Santana following a horrific beat down.

Director’s Insights

"We just didn't know how serious Santana's fall onto her back was... but we knew something wasn't right when the intermission passed the 15 minute mark and moved into 45 minutes of no action in the venue. I thought everything was going to be ok with an intermission providing just enough time for everyone to go to the bathroom, grab some food and drinks, but I knew something was up when David McLane remained with the EMT's and next to Santana. I went outside to check out what was going on. I could see something wasn't right. When the building manager told David the crowd was restless, and some people were heading out because it was a school night and overtime was now a real issue, he didn't leave Santana ... that's when I knew everything wasn't alright. I could see Santana's injury took precedence over everything going on. It's then I felt sick to my stomach that something could have actually happened that would leave Santana truly injured, and possibly disable from a spinal injury. Just like that, the demands of our time, the crew overtime, the crowd leaving I could see how it all didn't mean anything now. Santana could have suffered a spinal injury. Time just stood still and I forgot I was working on a TV show. We were over 45 minutes into intermission when David emerged from the ambulance and assured us Santana was OK. We were all so relieved. I'll never forget the feeling in my gut when I believed everything wasn't ok."