Episode 10

Winner Takes All

After Santana Garrett's surprising return, the battle for the WOW Championship belt turns into a Triple Threat match... the winner takes all!

Director's Insight

Surprise Surprise. Written on our 'run sheet' was Main Event - it didn't list the Superheroes wrestling. So remember this is my first live wrestling event as an adult and I've already been blown away by seeing Keta Rush wrestle Stephy Slays. SO when I see Santana Garrett come out from the back and pull off her neck brace and step into the ring, I figure we were setting up a future match. I didn't figure we could have three people in a match at the same time. When they called it a Triple Threat Match, I wondered if that meant for the camera crew or the wrestlers, because now there was going to be so much action how were we going to cover it all? The ending also provided a surprise when a little girl jumped into the ring to hug Santana Garrett. You could see in David's eyes he was mad security allowed someone to jump into the ring, but when David looked over at the security guard to yell at him, he saw the security guard applauding. David just shook his head in disbelief. But that is what happened that night at the Belasco Theater, everyone suspended reality and just got caught up in the drama and excitement of WOW.