Born in Mexico City, Azteca’s story is one of rags to goddess. She lost her mother at a young age, and was forced to fend for herself in a cruel and careless world. She could have fell prey to gangs or worse, but Azteca was saved by one thing: her love of history.

 Every day, instead of hanging out on the streets, young Azteca could be found in a library, getting lost in tales of emerald jungles, golden temples, and blood sacrifice. Tales of her ancestors, fierce and glorious warriors! 

Following in their footsteps, Azteca entered the world of lucha libre, standing proud and tall as a luchadora. But her transformation was not yet complete.

One day, she found herself standing before the great Pyramid of the Sun, when she seemed to fall into a deep trance. She heard a loud, booming voice cry out from the top of the pyramid: “Azteca cuāuhtli mahuizoloni” it proclaimed.

Going back to her childhood sanctuary, the library, she was able to decipher the meaning:

“Azteca warrior, you are worthy.”

From that moment on, her heart was filled with the fierceness of the sun, her limbs were quick and agile as an eagle at wing. She became a true warrior that day, just as her ancestors had been warriors. She packed up her bags and headed to California, following a voice that called to her in her dreams. She claims it is the voice of the sun, telling her she is meant to be the new WOW World Champion!


Mexico City, Mexico

Fighting Style:

Azteca is methodical, agile and high flying.

Signature Moves:

Reinera Splash, Gory Special, The Aztec Pin


Nutritious food, Fighting for others


Cowards, Gang members


“Notōcā Azteca!” (Nahuatl for “My name is Azteca”), “I am the glory of Azteca!”

Surprise Facts:

Azteca is also a talented dancer.

Friends and Foes: