Caged Heat

The Pot Stirrers

Whether they are playing dirty or keeping it clean, Loca and Delta Lotta Pain hold the title of most famed and controversial tag team in WOW. Caged Heat rose to fame in WOW when the Nevada State Penitentiary granted them a “fight release program” as an outlet for their aggression -- better they fight in the ring than in the yard. While Loca and Delta will be the first to admit they like to start trouble, that’s not against the law. For over a decade, the two proclaimed their innocence, arguing that they were wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit. They’re grateful that attorney Sophia Lopez was able to overturn their sentence, but her behavior in handling Season 3’s tag team title controversy raised some red flags. During a comeback that was supposed to be all about second chances, Sophia Lopez encouraged them to literally steal the titles. While Loca and Delta wear their orange jumpsuits in solidarity with their former inmates, Sophia’s statements only cast more doubt on their rehabilitation. But one thing hasn’t changed about Caged Heat -- they love to commit LEGAL assault. They love it so much that they are dead set on not getting disqualified from earning back those tag team championship belts and cementing their legacy once and for all. Case closed.


Delta: Atlanta, Georgia; Loca: Queens, New York

Fighting Style:

Caged Heat are cocky brawlers with a propensity for breaking the rules.

Signature Moves:

Hard Time, Due Process, Mens Rea


Loca: Volunteering with at-risk and disenfranchised youth, Delta: Cooking, Motorcycles


Those who pass judgment without knowing the facts


“What time is it? HARD time!”, “The jail ain’t no place for nobody.”

Surprise Facts:

They continue to wear their signature orange jumpsuits out of respect for those living life in prison.

Friends and Foes: