The Life of the Party

Bursting onto the pro-wrestling scene in a halo of sunshine and rainbows, feast your eyes on Eye Candy! Born and raised in The Big Apple, Eye Candy smashes all expectations. Friendly, cheerful and with unmatched energy, she’s a whole lotta woman!

Radiating confidence, her joy and positive energy is infectious! But it would be a serious mistake to take Eye Candy’s big, bubbly personality as a sign of weakness. She’s powerful, athletic and dynamic in the ring, combining strength, agility and just a hint of sexy to take down her unsuspecting opponents. 

With big hair and an even bigger smile, the lovely Eye Candy plans to show the folks at home -- and all the other Superheroes of WOW - Women Of Wrestling -- that you don’t have to be mean, rude or negative to get to the top in life. You just have to be yourself, be strong, and win!


The Big Apple, New York City

Fighting Style:

Eye Candy mixes brawler strength with nimble athletics.

Signature Moves:

Fisherman’s suplex


Bright colors, Playing her ukulele, Roller skating


The middle seat on planes, People who “harsh her mellow”


“Hope you’ve got a sweet tooth!”, “Time for a sugar rush!”

Surprise Facts:

Keeps healing crystals in her bra when she wrestles. Seriously.

Friends and Foes: