From the Shadows

Mystery surrounds the tenacious and formidable Holidead. While knowledge of her background is limited, one thing is sure-- Holidead is passionate about inflicting pain and destruction upon her adversaries.

Despite being a dedicated and loyal follower of Siren the Voodoo Doll, little is known about the apparent control Siren exerts over the enigmatic Holidead. With a penchant for violence and punishment, Holidead is a powerful and hard-hitting opponent. Driven by a desire for Siren’s approval, Holidead also relishes in wreaking havoc in the ring and intimidating any opponent she faces at WOW.

Characterized by her painted face, and a peculiar twitchiness, her unpredictability has garnered Holidead a reputation for making her opponents uncomfortable. Believing she is misunderstood by society, Holidead does not try to explain who she is and what she wants, but allows her terrifying brand of wrestling to do the talking for her.



Fighting Style:

Holidead is a powerful, hard-hitting wrestler

Signature Moves:

Angel Wings, Bicycle Kick, Spinebuster, Draping DDT, Pumphandle Slam, Diving Legdrop


Making her enemies suffer, cemeteries, skate parks


Whining, weakness, Lemon La Croix


“I enjoy going for long walks in the desert because the blistering heat reminds me of death.”, “I’m going to break her nose.”

Friends and Foes: