An ancient queen from the time when reptiles ruled the Earth, Serpentine was brought to modern times under mysterious circumstances, and strove fiercely with her generals in the Lucha Underground Temple.

Ever one with an eye for talent, Sophia Lopez, the Greatest Attorney in the World, brought the deliciously deadly Serpentine to WOW and has placed her bets on the sinful serpent’s rise to power -- and a belt of glittering gold!

Cold-blooded, calculating, smart and lethal, Serpentine brings a unique challenge to the WOW Superheroes, as they face a competitor who is ever-changing and shifting, like a snake shedding its skin. Will the guidance of Sophia Lopez lead Serpentine to another championship? Or will someone put a stop to this slithery snake?


Tijuana, Mexico

Fighting Style:

Serpentine is unpredictable and unorthodox in the ring.

Signature Moves:

Snake Sleeper, La Rosa


Anything that glitters, Expensive clothes, Basking in the sun


Not being treated like the queen she is, Cold weather


"La Mera Mera!”, “I am everything you fear I am”

Surprise Facts:

Became a U.S. citizen this year.

Friends and Foes: