Lana Star

The Fabulous One

Born in the heart of Hollywood, raised on the excess of the Southern California lifestyle and trained to be simply better, the Fabulous Lana Star defines what it means to be Hollywood royalty. Lana craves the spotlight, whether hobnobbing with other celebrities at exclusive restaurants or always sitting front row at any major LA venue: Lana is living the glamorous life. Her successful career in acting and modeling includes appearing in commercials, music videos and even gracing the big screen. However, her prized accomplishment is her run as the longest reigning WOW World Champion of all time. That is, until losing to Jungle Grrrl. But Lana Star has never been one to tuck her tail between her legs and quit. Through genius manipulation of the law and her fellow Superheroes, Lana has realized that she can get everything she ever dreamed of, without even stepping foot into the ring! With the help of her protege, Beverly Hills Babe, and her own masterful campaign to spread misinformation about her role as an executive producer of the WOW television series, the world is holding its breath to see what damage this prima donna will wreak next! One thing’s for sure: it certainly won’t be a day at the spa for any of the WOW Superheroes!



Hollywood, California

Fighting Style:

Lana Star is a cunning, master of manipulation.

Signature Moves:

The Facelift, The Nip-Tuck, The Wish Upon a Star


Red Velvet Cake


People who are late, Flying economy


"Not WOW… The Lana Star show!", "All of this… belongs to me!"

Surprise Facts:

Lana recently starred on The Jimmy Kimmel Tonight Show.

Friends and Foes: