The Norwegian Nightmare

For every light cast upon this earth, there is a shadow. Nikki Krampus is one such shadow. Born to the screaming winter winds of northern Norway, Nikki Krampus may seem evil, but she is not a villain. She represents a balance to the scales. Where good deeds deserve reward, bad deeds deserve punishment. And Krampus is here from the depths of darkness to bring that punishment. 

She sees you when you’re sleeping. She knows when you’re awake. She knows if you’ve been bad or good. And she’s coming to bring retribution. What have the Superheroes of WOW - Women Of Wrestling done to deserve a visit from The Norwegian Nightmare, Nikki Krampus? They’ll soon find out.



Fighting Style:

Nikki Krampus uses her strength and size to slam her opponents around.

Signature Moves:

Helvete Slam


Winter, Snow, Running


Children, Bad behavior


“Hell is loose!”

Surprise Facts:

Attempted to enlist to be the first female paratrooper in the Norwegian army, but was turned down due to her gender.

Friends and Foes: