The Conjuror of Chaos

Rebellion is a mythical hydra -- try to kill it and it will only multiply. The same goes for Riot. Despite WOW officials’ best efforts to keep this wrestler out of the main event, the appeal of Riot couldn’t be contained. Even when she left the world of the squared circle to wreak havoc in films, fans kept the spark of her revolution alive. For them, Riot was destined to come back to the ring -- it was just a matter of when. But this time around Riot’s determined to craft her own destiny and take a page out of Hollywood’s book. She wants to write the script herself and push the boundaries of her own dark, twisted imagination. She aims to test the limits of the those she recruits to do her bidding. Like a dark sorcerer, Riot has gathered all the ingredients for this recipe of terror and is prepared to dish out chaos.


Chicago, Illinois

Fighting Style:

Riot is a dirty, Destructive force of nature

Signature Moves:

Torture Rack, Riot Bomb, Never Say Die


Fire, Last Call


Conformists, Authority figures


“I am unbeatable. I am unbreakable. I am The Riot!”, “We will not stop until WOW is brought to its knees!”, “Bring me another victim!”, “Nobody can beat the Riot!”

Surprise Facts:

Most destructive Superhero in WOW history.

Friends and Foes: