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Contracts and Chaos

Ariel Sky fights for her freedom against her former trainer Coach Campanelli in the high stakes Freedom Match. Will Ariel be able to decide her own fate and prove her worth, or will Coach Campanelli continue pulling the strings? The Disciplinarian in action tonight as well as GI Jane, Goldie Collins, and Pep Riley. A surprise in the ring sets up a world shattering, action packed Main Event for the next episode of WOW that you won’t want to miss. The World’s Greatest Attorney Sophia Lopez leads her clients, Las Bandidas, into battle against surprising new power duo Princess Aussie and Tormenta. Can Sophia keep her clients under control after their past defiance in the ring?

Season 2 Episode 37: Freedom Match - Coach Campanelli vs Ariel Sky
Season 2 Episode 37: GI Jane vs The Disciplinarian with Samantha Smart
Season 2 Episode 37: Las Bandidas with Sophia Lopez vs Princess Aussie & Tormenta


Empowering Teen Girls Through Martial Arts

Empowering Teen Girls Through Martial Arts

A conversation with WOW-Women Of Wrestling’s Keta Rush. Wearing a cape, and an aura of strength, in many ways, Keta Rush resembles a superhero. The WOW-Women Of Wrestling’s performer has earned deep respect from the sports community. Her youth advocacy and Team Bully Buster Self-Defense Studio have helped countless youth access their own power. Yet […]


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