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The Championship Challenge

Jessie Jones strives to make good on the deal she made with McLane in her opening match against Genesis, and be added to the Championship Challenge Main Event. Jennifer Florez challenges IQ Superior’s Classmaster, and Adriana Gambino looks to keep her winning streak going against Rebel Haze. Princess Aussie prepares for the biggest test of her reign – defending her WOW World Championship against four other women at the same time in a match that favors everyone but the champion!

Season 2 Episode 13: Genesis, accompanied by Ice Cold & Exodus, vs Jessie Jones, accompanied by Americana
Season 2 Episode 13: Jennifer Florez vs The Classmaster, accompanied by Samantha Smart
Season 2 Episode 13: Adriana Gambino vs Rebel Haze
Season 2 Episode 13: WOW's first ever Championship Challenge Match


In Depth with Graham Bensinger - Jeanie Buss: Empowering women through wrestling

Jeanie Buss: Empowering women through wrestling

We’re ringside with Jeanie Buss, co-owner and founder of Women of Wrestling, as she highlights her inspiration for launching this women’s wrestling league. Driven by her desire to get involved in women’s sports, Jeanie says she established WOW to provide women with a new platform for competition and empowerment. We also hear from one of […]


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