You are currently viewing Pluto TV Launch of WOW DocSeries “My Road To WOW”

Pluto TV Launch of WOW DocSeries “My Road To WOW”

Today, Tue. March 21 PLUTO TV launches the CBS News See It Now Productions docuseries, “My Road To WOW” – the docuseries is produced by award winning and renowned journalist and TV News Producer and first female President and Senior Executive producer of CBS News Susan Zirinsky.  Susan brings to life the stories of 12 individuals and their heartfelt journeys to become WOW Superheroes.  The stories will have you laugh, cry, and applaud in amazement as you admire the journey of these fearless women.  Below is a link to the first episode of this 4-part series and 90-minute movie.  Pluto TV’s “On Demand” will feature more episodes weekly.  

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