Abilene Maverick

The Governor's Daughter

Born in College Station, Texas - the home of Texas A&M University - Abilene Maverick knows a thing or two about pride, showmanship, tradition and family. With a family raised on playing sports, Abilene and her siblings would vie for their father’s attention. It was Abilene, the tomboy of the family, who became the apple of her father’s eye. They would play sports together, dance together, and watch wrestling together.  They were inseparable. However, during her final year of college, Abilene’s father suddenly passed away in front of the TV. Abilene was heartbroken. That’s when her mother, who had forged a successful career in politics, stepped in and suggested Abilene make her Dad proud by pursuing a career in wrestling. Abilene, ‘The Governor’s Daughter’ entered WOW as a kind, caring individual representing grace, poise, and polished elegance. However, the smile that seemed to come naturally now appears forced. Her cheery disposition seems replaced by a sense of putting on airs.  A sharp sarcasm has emerged that has WOW Superheroes unsure how to interpret her behavior. Is everyone seeing the real Abilene Maverick? Or are they seeing someone on edge, someone who is trying to please a father that is looking down or a mother that is looking up? Is Abilene actually kind, or is she evil personified, hardened by the resentment of loss?


The Governor’s Residence of Texas

Fighting Style:

Abilene Maverick is a focused, technical wrestler.

Signature Moves:

Wake Up Call, Square Dance, Mechanical Bull


Dallas Cowboys, Texas A&M Aggies, Outdoors, Time with family


People without means, People who disrespect the upper class


"Don’t mess with Texas!", "There’s a right way to win."

Surprise Facts:

Despite her busy schedule as a WOW Superhero, Abilene still makes time for family dinners and attending Cowboys games with those closest to her.

Friends and Foes: