Adriana Gambino

Abilene Maverick

Originally from a small town in Texas, the tomboy of her family and apple of her father’s eye, now hails from The Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas. No city could better represent Abilene Maverick’s larger than life persona. Abilene’s status as the WOW World Champion has proven that she’s the VIP of Las Vegas.

Born in College Station, Texas– Abilene knows a thing or two about pride, showmanship, tradition, and family. Raised playing sports, her and her siblings would vie for their father’s attention. Abilene always wanted to shine, whether it be in family sporting events, at school, or even throwing the football farther than the boys…. She was always working to make her Dad proud of her.

However, during her final year at Texas A&M, Abilene’s father suddenly passed away. She was heartbroken. That’s when her mother, the Governor, stepped in and suggested Abilene pursue a career that she knew would make her family proud. Abilene, ‘The Governor’s Daughter’ entered WOW as a kind and caring individual representing grace, poise, and polished elegance.

However, the smile that once appeared natural and authentic has now been sharpened with the cold reality of the world. As such, a dark sarcasm has emerged. Her misbehavior in and outside the ring has branded her one of WOW’s ultimate villains. Her disregard for the rules only propels our confusion of what Abilene’s goals truly are. With every entrance, the crowd greets her with boos and grand ovations.

One now wonders, how will Abilene find a balance between the path to glory that would bring honor to her family, and the prestige and temptation of the spotlight. As this ring warrior proves she is worthy of being called one of the best… Is her desire for fame enough to compromise her character?

Abilene Maverick