Adriana Gambino


Hailing from New Jersey, New York, Adriana Gambino values loyalty above all else. Always dressed to kill, Adriana is careful, calculating and never forgets a face.

Evasive when it comes to her family’s business in New Jersey, Adriana maintains that they’re involved in ‘waste management’ but remains ambiguous when it comes to the specifics. Declining to elaborate on her role within the family administration, Adriana instead focuses on her relationship and affection for her father, Don.

Following the mysterious disappearance and subsequent grisly discovery of her ex-boyfriend’s body, Adriana arrived at WOW amid accusations of foul play. However, with the murder trial curiously settling out of court, Adriana is forging a new path in the world of wrestling. 

With a strange knack for poker, blackjack, and a gaze that could cut glass, Adriana comes with a warning– cross her and you may find yourself with a new pair of shoes. A pair you may never be able to remove…


New Jersey, New York

Fighting Style:

Adriana uses her street smarts to outmaneuver her opponents.

Signature Moves:

The Don


Games of chance, her family, a good fedora


False accusations, police, nosy people


“Never cross Adriana Gambino!”

Surprise Facts:

Owns stock in several cement companies.

Friends and Foes


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