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Who says you can never return home? Many people told that to Amber O’Neal after she committed several reprehensible offenses leading to an alliance with ‘The Fabulous One’ Lana Star. She betrayed a long-time tag team partner. She turned her back on her supporters. She uprooted her life in North Carolina and traded it in for the golden lifestyle of a Beverly Hills celebrity in the lap of luxury with her new associate.

Amber O’Neal began as a tough, rugged woman from the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina. She called the infamous hills of North Carolina her backyard. She enjoyed trips out to the woodlands of Tar Heel country with her dirtbike. She would leap over mounds of dirt and Earth in her bike not unlike a superhero. Amber enjoyed a life far from the glamour of Hollywood—far from the clutches of Lana Star.

The wrestling career of Amber O’Neal started many years ago when she aligned with a fellow southerner, Krissy Vaine. Together, Amber and Krissy took on the tandem title of ‘Team Blondage’, and they captured the hearts and attention of countless fans in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Their popularity soared to unbelievable heights. Ultimately, their careers took them in two different directions. The road followed by Amber O’Neal brought her to WOW – Women Of Wrestling where she used her tag-team wrestling expertise to capture the Tag Team Championship.

With her success, however, came an ego that proved to be insurmountable, and Lana Star capitalized on the swelling head of Amber O’Neal. Lana took Amber O’Neal and rechristened her ‘The Beverly Hills Babe’. With the new name came a new lavishness Amber had never before experienced. The posh extravagance seduced Amber, and Lana knew she had the Babe right where she wanted her. Amber was under Lana’s thumb, and there was nothing she could do now except collapse under the pressure.

Numerous opportunities at the WOW World Championship ended in failure and dismay for Amber, and the lack of victorious outcomes frustrated The Fabulous One. Lana sought instant gratification, and Amber did not deliver in the slightest.

Lana publicly relieved Amber O’Neal of her duties. She stripped Amber of the ‘Beverly Hills Babe’ name, humiliated the former Tag Team Champion, and dismissed her in embarrassing fashion. It seemed as though things could get no worse for Amber O’Neal.

In that moment of defeat, however, Amber turned to an old friend—fellow WOW Superhero—Jessie Jones. Jessie Jones has now taken Amber O’Neal on as a tag team partner. These two competitors have set out with the mission of becoming the best tag team in WOW and hope to place the silver WOW Tag Team Championship belts across their waists.

Amber O’Neal has taken a tumultuous road to get this point in her life, but with a good friend by her side and her eyes on the Tag Team Championship, this broken road may finally lead her home.


Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina

Fighting Style:

Amber is a country girl brawler.

Signature Moves:

Kickstand, Queen City Stretch, The Booty Pop


Real friends, a good pair of cowboy boots


Unmotivated people, her ex-husband


“You got nothin’ on me!”, “I’m the Queen of Queen City.”, “GIRLLLLL……”

Surprise Facts:

Amber O’Neal’s career debuted on the large stage of Wrestle Kingdom and she went on as a trail blazer, becoming the first woman in history to carry the NWA Women’s World Champion to New Japan.

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