WOW World Champion

The Beast

Come Get Some

Beware: The Beast is here! From the moment she arrived at WOW - Women Of Wrestling, The Beast made it clear she was here for one thing: to make her mark on the wrestling world. The current WOW World Champion has done just that: defeating The Born Legend, Tessa Blanchard, to gain the title and prove her dominance to a world that dared to doubt her. No other woman on the roster has the size and strength of The Beast, who tends to make short work of her “prey”. Trained in Krav Maga and other brutal fighting forms, The Beast claims that whatever any of the other WOW Superheroes give to her, she’ll give back twice as hard. How will she forge her own legacy now that she is the WOW World Champion?



Fighting Style:

The Beast is a brutal, hard-hitting force of nature.

Signature Moves:

Chokeslam, Flying Press, Back Breaker


Winning, Lifting weights, Krav Maga




“Come get some!”, “I’m the biggest. I’m the baddest. I am The Beast”, “Get out of my way or I’ll run you down.”, “Whatever you give to me, I’ll give back twice as hard.”

Surprise Facts: