Cowgirl Casey Dakota


Hailing from Granger, Iowa, Casey Dakota is a horse riding, line dancing, hog tying, cowgirl. Spirited and agile, don’t let Casey Dakota’s good manners fool you, she isn’t afraid to throw down for a show down, and she always gets back on the horse.

Currently residing on a ranch in California, Casey spends her days in the sun, taking care of her horses and working the land. A firm believer in dedication and patience, ranch living has helped Casey hone the stamina and perseverance needed to hold her own in the ring. With a background in bodybuilding and dance, Casey has extraordinary focus and self-discipline, making her a strong and resilient opponent.

Tough as nails and twice as useful, Casey Dakota is ready to round up the competition and ‘lasso’ them what cowgirls are made of. Giddy up.


Granger, Iowa

Fighting Style:

Dakota is a tough-as-nails brawler.

Signature Moves:

Giddy Up


Good manners, horses, waking up early


Laziness, city living, greed


“Do unto others as you’d have done to y’all.”

Surprise Facts:

Casey Dakota can yodel and play classical piano.

Friends and Foes


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