People like to say that “Kids today lack discipline” but The Disciplinarian knows the truth: EVERYONE nowadays lacks discipline, and she’s here to solve that problem, one paddle at a time!

Sent by the South Carolina Board of Education, the strict, southern teacher was hired by Samantha Smart to crack down on the unruly and uncooperative Superheroes of WOW.

Some might find it surprising that an educator of young minds participates in such a physical sport, but The Disciplinarian has always believed in a “hands on” style of education. Fueled by the memories of long lunch lines, fussy, loud children, misspelled words and ignorant bullies, the uptight teacher lets out all of her aggression upon her opponents — and she isn’t afraid to utilize her trusty paddle to do it!

With WOW Executive Manager Samantha Smart by her side, the other WOW Superheroes had better brush up on their wrestling homework if they ever hope to defeat The Disciplinarian!


Charleston, South Carolina

Fighting Style:

Charleston, South Carolina

Signature Moves:

Suspension, Expulsion


Quiet children, A well-organized syllabus, Punishing rule-breakers


Mess, Noise, Chewing gum


“Time for some discipline!”, “Fear the paddle!”, “Hand up, you hush”

Surprise Facts:

The Disciplinarian speaks French and is a trained singer.

Friends and Foes


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