Unable to stay out of trouble for more than five minutes, Fury is a proud rebel from the back alleys of Atlanta, Georgia. As a child, she claims she heard voices calling to her at night. The voices liked to make young Fury do very bad things. Of course, no one around her could accept Fury’s tales, and so they just punished her more and more for her misdeeds, until one day Fury
decided she’d had enough. She flew into a rage and blacked out. When she woke up, she had no idea where her friends and family had gone. Shaken, she snuck out of her hometown in the middle of the night, never to return. Known to the authorities from the Mississippi to the Pacific Coast, Fury may still be following the dark commands of the voices she claimed to hear. Nothing is too low for her, from bar fights to petty theft. After a particularly brutal street fight in Los Angeles, she was recruited by Razor to join The Psycho Sisters, the most vicious girl gang on the block, with the promise that Razor knows how to make the voices stop. Whether she really can or if it’s just a lie to win Fury to her side, together they are the most devastating duo the WOW Superheroes have ever seen. Can anyone stand up to their reign of terror?


Atlanta, Georgia

Fighting Style:

Fury is a hard-hitting maniac

Signature Moves:

Backbreaker, Sit-out Spine buster, Backhand, Running knee, Flight of Fury


Shiny things, Cemeteries, Black lace


Rules, Sunshine


“Some like to say the word villain, but I like to think of it as becoming your OWN Superhero of the story. Control and create your own destiny and never let anyone get in your way. Be it with words or actions. Know your true self and embrace your FURY.”

Surprise Facts:

I was Given the name Fury after The Furies. In Greek mythology, the Furies are the deities of vengeance. Before becoming a WOW Superhero, Selina was a special guest referee for one of my matches which ended with her giving me one of her brutal stunners.

Friends and Foes



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