For the overlooked. The outcast. The Exiled.

Hailing from a remote outback town in Australia, Genesis grew up fending for herself. She often felt alone, cut off from the rest of the world with nothing but the dusty red dirt and lonely wind for company. Just as she started to make friends with the other children, she was shipped off to boarding school, further isolating her from any love or friendship.

To pass the time she played with dangerous toys: mastering the sword and nunchaku. Genesis also turned her body into a weapon: teaching herself karate and kung fu.

Lonesome and forgotten, Genesis never gave up on herself, and eventually made her way to wrestling, where it seemed like her fighting skills would finally give her a place, a home. Instead Genesis was exiled again and told she wasn’t worthy. That was when Exile found her. Genesis makes her return to WOW stronger and more vicious than ever before. Under the tutelage of Malia Hosaka and with her new sister Exodus by her side, Genesis finally has the family she has always craved and now they turn their cold, savage sights to one goal: vengeance for their suffering.

Genesis - Team Exile