Keta Rush


As a young person, Keta Rush gained a reputation for being an all-around super-athlete. She was a track star who exhibited unparalleled speed. However, her momentum stalled when she became the victim of a tragic act of bullying and intimidation. A group of girls cornered her and beat her mercilessly to within an inch of her life. After a week in the hospital and months of physical therapy, Keta recovered physically, but emotional scars still remain. In her search for recovery, Keta decided to become a Superhero. Keta is determined to ensure no other child has to go through what she experienced. She founded the nonprofit organization, Team Bully Buster; where people of all ages learn confidence, how to identify bullying, what steps to take if they are bullied, and if worse comes to worse, how to defend themselves. WOW – Women Of Wrestling has empowered Keta to “be strong, be yourself, and win”. Now Keta inspires fans of all ages and is making a difference. Listen to her speak or wrestle, you are sure to feel an adrenaline rush!


Los Angeles, California

Fighting Style:

Keta Rush is a speedy underdog.

Signature Moves:

The Speeding Bullet, The Triangle


Martial Arts, Animals




“Believe in yourself”, “You can be a superhero too”

Surprise Facts:

‘Sneaker-head’ with an amazing shoe collection of more than 500 sneakers. Keta is a real life superhero that saved a woman’s life by resuscitation in the middle of the street after a violent car accident.

Friends and Foes




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