Lana Star


Born in the heart of Hollywood, raised on the excess of the Southern California lifestyle and trained to be simply better, the Fabulous Lana Star defines what it means to be Hollywood royalty. Lana craves the spotlight, whether hobnobbing with other celebrities at exclusive restaurants or always sitting front row at any major LA venue: Lana is living the glamorous life. 

In addition to her successful career in acting and modeling, Lana was also the longest reigning WOW World Champion. Now too good to step in the ring and preferring to let others do her dirty work, Lana manipulated Amber O’Neal into becoming The Beverly Hills Babe, and then discarded her like last season’s outfits when Amber wasn’t able to bring Lana the championship. Humiliating Amber, she called in her newest protege: the impressionable young Faith the Lioness, who beat Amber in a match to decide who would team with Lana in the tag team tournament! Will trips to Beverly Hills and promises of even more glamorous activities corrupt the always sunny Faith? And will she finally be the one to bring the WOW World Championship back into Lana Star’s clutches?


Hollywood, California

Fighting Style:

Lana Star is a cunning, master of manipulation.

Signature Moves:

The Facelift, The Nip-Tuck, The Wish Upon a Star


Red Velvet Cake


People who are late, Flying economy


“Not WOW… The Lana Star show!”, “All of this… belongs to me!”

Surprise Facts:

Lana recently starred on The Jimmy Kimmel Tonight Show.

Friends and Foes



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