Deemed unstable and sent upstate, this New York City native was released from her evaluation after some shady, back-alley negotiations with Razor, the leader of the Psycho Sisters.

Mezmeriah thinks that life is one big, cruel joke, and she loves to laugh as she partakes in that cruelty, dealing out pain while crowing maniacally. Her behavior drove a rift between her and her family. She never had any friends. So when Razor showed up and offered her a new family, a new place to belong as a member of the all girl-gang The Psycho Sisters, Mezmeriah couldn’t resist. Now she accompanies Razor everywhere, her wide, hungry grin in constant contrast with the cold anger of Fury.

Mezmeriah, Fury and Razor are a force of nature in the WOW – Women Of Wrestling ring. Brains, brawn and insanity: Can anyone stand up to this blood-thirsty trio?


The Concrete Jungle

Fighting Style:

Mezmeriah is a street fighting brawler with hard hitting strikes

Signature Moves:

The Bruja Buster, The Clown Around


Punk rock, Clowns, Old cars


Authority figures, Laundry, Frowns


“It’s easier to ask for forgiveness later than it is to ask for permission now.”

Surprise Facts:

Mezmeriah is a tattoo artist. She also has an identical twin sister who appears to be entirely sane.

Friends and Foes


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