Princess Aussie


Princess Aussie burst into the ring at WOW representing a powerful allegory– that strength is borne of love and togetherness. Princess Aussie’s message was shaped by a story her mother told her as a child– that surrounding ourselves with those we love helps us to become who we are meant to be.

To represent this message and remind Princess Aussie of her family cheering her on from Australia, the Princess lashed together a bundle of sticks as a symbol. Bringing them ringside, Princess Aussie used the bundle as a reminder that alone, we may be vulnerable, but bound together we are unbreakable.

However, the mysterious and powerful, Siren the Voodoo Doll became intrigued by Princess Aussie. She began a strange bid to recruit Aussie to join Holidead as her follower. After being affected by Siren’s strange form of mind control, Aussie, has became a shadow of her former self, and desiring Siren’s twisted approval.

It has become clear that Princess Aussie has joined with Siren the Voodoo Doll and Holidead to form a mysterious and powerful team. Will Aussie ever return to her former identity? What is Siren’s ultimate goal in recruiting followers who seem to be under the influence of mind control?


The Australian Outback

Fighting Style:

Princess Aussie is a skilled and technical grappler.

Signature Moves:

Frog Splash, Brainwashed-buster


Siren’s approval, Ouija, Vegemite


Misguided fools who would stand in the way of the infinite Siren., when people don’t understand how to eat Vegemite properly.


“Siren bestows her power unto me which gives rise to my strength!”, “You need a good pat of butter on the toast first, then just spread a tiny bit of Vegemite over it. Like, whatever amount you think it should be, it’s a quarter of that.”

Surprise Facts:

Trained as a boxer before becoming a wrestler.

Friends and Foes




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