Reyna Reyes


Born to a traditional Filipino family, Reyna Reyes always felt like she let them down with her choice of career: professional wrestling.

Begging her to become a nurse or teacher, or any “normal” profession, her family made it clear that they believed Reyna’s obsession with defeating her opponents in the squared circle was unacceptable.

Not wanting to cause her loved ones pain, Reyna decided to wrestle in secret, creating the persona “Azteca” to hide her trail. She chose Azteca because she fell in love with the pride and respect bestowed upon lucha libre, the Mexican sport of wrestling. No one in Mexico would be ashamed to have a relative partake in such a time-honored tradition, she thought.

But while she was Azteca the lessons of lucha libre helped Reyna realize that, in keeping her secret, she was neither honoring nor respecting her own culture and heart. Reyna spent months in agony, searching her soul for a solution, before she finally decided to come out, removing the mask to reveal her true self: Reyna Reyes, The Pearl of the Philippines!  

Now Reyna is ready to show WOW – Women Of Wrestling the lesson she learned from her time as a masked wrestler: only from a pure heart can a radiant warrior shine triumphant. Will she indeed triumph here at WOW?


The Philippines

Fighting Style:

Reyna is a high-flying spectacle with acrobatic flair.

Signature Moves:

The Beauty Queen Twist


Makeup, Dancing, Daydreamers


Old-fashioned mindsets, ugly shoes, self-doubt


“Be true to your heart and the rest will follow”

Surprise Facts:

Reyna is a talented dancer, able to pick up new choreography within seconds of seeing it for the first time.

Friends and Foes


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