Samantha Smart


Hailing from a small town in Indiana, Samantha Smart has defied all stereotypes to make it to the top of WOW – Women Of Wrestling. Perfection was the only option for this straight-A student who was raised by her studious father, the dean of a college, and her esteemed scientist mother. This bookworm endured her share of taunting for being top of the class, but opinions never phased her, she lives by facts.

Samantha went down an ambitious post-collegiate path that led right to the office of WOW founder David McLane and owner Jeanie Buss. After spending several seasons of running the show and managing the Superheroes, she feels confident she has collected enough wrestling data to step through the ropes herself. With memories of her peers failing to recognize that “your brain can be your weapon”, this superhero is ready to show people how much power she possesses… and that power is only increasing. Finally, this season, Samantha will pursue her newest mission: mastering the art of professional wrestling in the WOW ring.  

Ms. Smart is well aware that most of the roster has more experience than her, but she also knows that, at the end of the day, her tactics will outsmart them all.


Small town, Indiana

Fighting Style:

Samantha Smart is a strategic, scientific wrestler. She’s methodical and tactical.

Signature Moves:

Magna Cum Laude, Long Division


Logic, STEM, the stock market, science


Ignorance, small talk


“Sometimes the best investment is in someone smarter than you.”, “Emotions are for those with idle hands.”, “Typical…”, “You are obsolete.”

Surprise Facts:

Went undefeated on her college tennis team. First chair flautist in high school.

Friends and Foes




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