An original member of the Psycho Sisters, Spike has finally returned to the fold, and just when her sisters need her most. However, despite the gang welcoming Spike back to their ranks– questions have arisen. Where has Spike been? Is she really the same Spike they knew, after all this time?

Labeled as a misfit and a troublemaker growing up, Spike was an outcast. It wasn’t until she met Razor, that Spike found her place and discovered her true identity. After Spike and Razor joined together to form the Psycho Sisters, their rambunctious gang reveled in lawless high jinks– causing mischief wherever they went. Spike’s sudden departure from the Psycho Sisters left a hole in the gang, and one not easily filled.

In the ring, with her sharp tongue and short fuse, Spike has a reputation for never backing down from a fight. Her years terrorizing the streets of Los Angeles has made Spike a fierce and unpredictable opponent, ready to launch an attack at any moment. Ready to get Psycho?


The Streets of L.A.

Fighting Style:

Technical wrestler that is rough around the edges

Signature Moves:

Spike in the Coffin, Final Spike, Lobotomy


Sarcastic humor, Travelling, International culture


Bigotry, Blandness


“Who am I? I am Spike.”

Surprise Facts:

Spike’s mother abandoned her as a young girl by leaving her on the sidewalk and telling her she was someone else’s problem now.

Friends and Foes



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