Chantilly Chella


Teal Piper is joining the family business. As the daughter of legendary wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, wrestling has always been a distinct part of Teal’s life. Beginning when she was a little girl, Teal watched her father command the ring and create chaos as the host of ‘Piper’s Pit’– admiring her dad’s passion for pro-wrestling she plans to bring the Piper trademark entertainment of a quick wit and proclivity for having fun to wrestling fans worldwide.

Fan’s will immediately see Teal’s penchant for shenanigans bears a striking resemblance to Rowdy Roddy’s antics and as fans will soon learn comes second nature to Teal. With a habit of being at the center of misunderstandings, and somehow always followed by mischief, Teal has come to WOW with a plan– to fulfill her family legacy, and get a little rowdy.


Hillsboro, Oregon

Fighting Style:

Teal is a tricky and slippery opponent.

Signature Moves:

Eye Poke, The Mastermind


Bagpipes, people with a dark sense of humor, getting rowdy


Being told what to do.


“It’s time to pay the piper.”, “Where I come from, we’re taught to change the questions.”

Surprise Facts:

Volunteers for BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center.

Friends and Foes


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