The Temptress


Nothing is sexier on a woman than confidence — except, perhaps, bespoke lingerie crafted by The Temptress. Raised in Chelsea, England, The Temptress is a master seamstress who created titillating knickers and cheeky undergarments to help women reclaim their sexiness and find the temptress within themselves. Unfortunately, when she took her business to the U.S., she was stabbed in the back by greedy investors, and her own creation was stolen away from her. Needing a new way to make a living, the British tart turned to professional wrestling, releasing her anger and thirst for vengeance on her opponents. After a chance meeting outside of Attorney Sophia Lopez’s office, The Temptress teamed up with The Dagger to form The Vengeful Vixens tag team. When the other WOW Superheroes meet them in the ring, The Temptress can guarantee one thing: it certainly won’t be their cup of tea.

Will vengeance lead to success once again for this bereft and betrayed competitor?


Chelsea, England

Fighting Style:

The Temptress leaves her opponents laced up tighter than a corset.

Signature Moves:

Tart Stomp, It’s Tea Time!, The Lover’s Lace


A nice hot cup of tea, Revenge


Ill-fitting bras, Lack of chivalry


“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”, “Don’t get your knickers in a twist!”, “Cheerio, Darling!”

Surprise Facts:

Has been on TNA and WWE. Spent some of her time training with luchadors to hone her athleticism.

Friends and Foes



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