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WOW – Women Of Wrestling Owner Jeanie Buss and WOW Superheroes Return to Comic-Con International: San Diego 2023

Headlocked Comics Will Host Buss and WOW Superheroes Kandi Krush and Genesis for a Fan Autograph Signing at Their Booth on Saturday, July 22

WOW – Women Of Wrestling returns to Comic-Con International: San Diego 2023 for an exclusive meet and greet with iconic sports executive and WOW owner Jeanie Buss along with two WOW Superheroes – Kandi Krush and Genesis. Buss, Krush and Genesis will be in attendance for a fan autograph signing on Saturday, July 22 from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm PST at the Headlocked Comics booth #1901.

Featuring compelling backstories on its WOW Superheroes and elite athleticism, the current season of WOW – Women Of Wrestling is airing in weekend syndication, on Pluto TV’s Fight Channel and on VICE TV. Owned by Buss and David McLane, the world’s premier all-female sports entertainment property will return this fall for its second season of action distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution.

Entering WOW from St. Paul, Minnesota, Kandi Krush is ready to fight her way to the top! Don’t let her name fool you, Kandi Krush may have a sweet name, but in the ring, there’s nothing sweet about her! This boxer now wrestler is as relentless and scrappy as they come.

In her younger years, Krush pushed herself to the limit as she endured grueling training to be an Olympic synchronized swimmer. The abusive coaching and over-training led her to struggle with depression. Krush made the impossible decision to leave the sport she loved because she knew she deserved more, but without synchronized swimming, she felt lost.

Everything changed when boxing found her. Through professional boxing, Krush found her inner fighter again. For years, she climbed through the ranks of a male dominated sport and now, Krush has made her way to WOW to fight for every girl that’s been told they’re not good enough. With the inspiration of her grandmother, Krush believes that anyone can be a superhero—they just have to look for the greatness within.

For the overlooked. The outcast. The Exiled.

Hailing from a remote outback town in Australia, Genesis grew up fending for herself. She often felt alone, cut off from the rest of the world with nothing but the dusty red dirt and lonely wind for company. Just as she started to make friends with the other children, she was shipped off to boarding school, further isolating her from any love or friendship.

To pass the time she played with dangerous toys: mastering the sword and nunchaku. Genesis also turned her body into a weapon: teaching herself karate and kung fu.

Lonesome and forgotten, Genesis never gave up on herself, and eventually made her way to wrestling, where it seemed like her fighting skills would finally give her a place, a home. Instead, Genesis was exiled again and told she wasn’t worthy. That was when Genesis found herself. This fall with the kick off of a new season of WOW – Women Of Wrestling, Genesis makes her return to WOW stronger and more vicious than ever before with the single minded purpose of becoming the WOW World Champion.